Prototyping, the trauma of coding and the magic of copy&paste

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2022 | Install ourselves into XPUB, sandboxes, servers, web servers, Hello World! A SMALL BREADCUBE IS BORN

*I copied Ada's prototyping notes

ssh aglaia @
wall message
pwd (home)
ls (listing command)
apt intall nginx(install engine sever to access files from the server)
cd var/www/html 
nano aglaia.html
(exit cntrl x)
<a href="aglaia.html".aglaia,/a>
(to write) 
figlet -f /usr/share/figlet/script.flf MESSAGE
ls /usr/share/figlet/
figlet -f shadow aglaia
  • Root = main user
  • Pseudo but not root: pseudoappinstall (will work if ur not root)

Breadcube setup

keywords: sandbox, raspberry pi, server, unix-like software, post-PRISM age (surveillance program)


  • Spaces for testing and prototyping software and describe how users and processes can be isolated for security purpuses.
  • Debian = OP most often used for servers, or computer without a graphic interaction (only terminal). UTF8 = character encoding

Booklet: File:Install-myself-in-the-sandbox.pdf

Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 | the internet, the web, mark up that text


Hidden network main notes: xvm(xpub virtual machine) is the only publicly reachable server on the network (so if u need to see a page like from the bootleg library, you ask for the bl server to serve the main page of the software used). Basically the request goes from a laptop to

laptop—> xvm —> bootleg —> xvm—→ laptop

  • XVM is the only one that has a domain name (, the rest is unreachable without xvm)


  • Software that makes these hidden networks
  • Installing to add breadcube to the HUB

Shell Cheat Sheet

Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 | HTML, CSS, JUPITER LAB

  1. hyperworld hypertext edit

HTML details about header, title and language processing

<!DOCTYPE html> tells me it's html
   <title> needs to be in head not body </title>
                color: red;
        </style> css is in the head for everything or can be used for specific parts 
      <h1 class="" style="color:blue;">text</h1> this way it's both the whole text and h1

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022 | HTML, CSS, JUPITER LAB

Making cards, how to have a different web and print page

@media screen{
        display: flex;
        flex-flow: wrap row;
        flex: 1 200px;
        background-color: beige;
        border: 3px solid white;
        margin: 10px;
        padding: 10px;
    div.card:nth-of-type(3n) {
        flex: 2 300px;
        background-color: darkseagreen;
        background-color: cornflowerblue;
@media print{
        size: A5 landscape;
        margin: 10mm 25mm;
        display: none;
        page-break-after: always;