Preparations for radio (Wordhole)

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Preparing for radio is important in making me feel less nervous about live performing.

pad from the show week 2 with Mania, Wang and Anita

In the two times i have been a caretaker (Week 2 - 5 Rythms and Week 6 - Hitchhikers Guide to an Active Archive) the preparations were different but still shared some common elements that were crucial in the development of the show. Both times, we started working by thinking about a structure  or a "main theme" for the broadcast, and then worked around that. This structure helped in maintaining one common thread of thought in 2h long slots filled with a large variety of content.

For both we took upon roles, in the first one more implicitly and in the second one more explicitly. This made it so that workload was distributed in the preparation as well as the execution. 

We sourced content to play in the show and wrote scripts on different collaborative platforms (first show pad, second show wiki). We prepared a musical background. We rehearsed parts of the show before Tuesday. We went to Worm earlier to set up our computers, test the audio and made sure we were recording. We decided to eat a cake as a reward and then started.

For even more information about the planning and script of the broadcast Hitchhiker's Guide to an Active Archive go to Hitchhiker's Guide to an Active Archive

Set up for Hitchhikers guide to an Active Archive