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Creator Mihail Bakalov
Year 2015
Bio Mihail Bakalov [BG] is a media artist dealing with on-line social networks, digital footprints and metaphysical characters of objects. His methodology of working is through observation and isolation of hidden or neglected elements in daily life. Some of the visuals he creates appear as dreamlike images with fictional elements, where meanings of reality shift.

Platform is an audio-visual installation, which gives an alternative view of mundane messages posted on on-line social networks. This project presents the loneliness in the on-line socialization on everyday basis. The construction of the piece is similar to a musical composition, reflecting the emotion that the content carries. Platform consists of scraped messages from Twitter from different users and combines them into a new collective profile. The tweets verbalized and synchronized with visuals try to bring out the personal character that stands behind the message. The piece explores an alternative meaning to the otherwise dry statements. The topic of the tweets depict the transient space that on-line social networks creates through their accessibility and constant flow, putting users in a limbo state between work and free time.