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Research Action Points (Content)

  • Define question & goal of our publication
  • Research interview methods of
    • Linda Malherbe (Verhalenhuis Belvedere)
    • Teana Boston-Maman (Storytelling from the City)
    • Siebe Thissen = specialist in "alternative" histories in Rotterdam
  • From this, create our own interview methodology & ethics
  • Make a list of questions we want to ask
  • Make a list of people we want to interview (inside & outside the PG)
  • Investigate the conditions and practical aspects of the interviews e.g. recording technology, email, skype (their permission to edit)
  • Research glossary of terms & methodology to collect terms that are used in the different narratives
  • Make a list of topics and search terms for our visit to both City Archive & PG Archive
  • Find out how we can collect / photograph / copy these materials
  • Organize the information we collected into the different narratives
  • Make a first draft of the structure of the publication (chapters etc)
  • Curate the information, to see what's most relevant and important

Research Action Points (Design)

  • PG online research
    • images
    • wiki
    • videos
    • social media
  • PG material research
    • posterwall
    • archive
    • architecture
    • who did their graphics before?
  • PG inhabitants discussion
    • do they want a visual identity?
  • references to other designers
    • design & politics
  • printing
    • paper
    • binding
    • printer
    • budget
    • technique
  • typography

Production Action Points

  • layout
  • typesetting
  • reviewing
  • find a printing technique
  • find a printer
  • prototype
  • actual printing

Design Research


Pad hell

Wiki wiki