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My photobook is linked to my other project The Air Addiction. It is the first part of the project and it is named Holding Breathe.

The book is about a girl who was living a peaceful life until the smog invaded her city. The smog scares her a lot. Leading her to lock herself at home and trying to inhale less air. She even tries to keep on increasing the seconds she can hold her breath in the hope that one day she can go out for a longer distance walk. The book is designed, printed and bound by myself. To be honest, the final work is far from what I expected. I feel I wasted too much time on topics in the beginning. Therefore I made a draft version to present my idea in the first place.

This draft version is the A4 size and covered by a black poster material paper, I used the simple thread binding. The content is printed on the light yellow paper and interspersed with sketches on transparent papers.

My original idea was to cover my book with hardboards and print the photo of the girl holding breath on the surface, using plastic film to cover it up to create a choking effect. The sketches on transparent papers is well designed, they will guide readers to see the inner world of the girl, which is full of desperation and fears.

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