Photo Book Door-friendly

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'Door-friendly is a photo book which is filled with interesting doors made by Shinyoung Kim.

Apartments and buildings are monotonous. I was born and raised in a city where tons of tall building are located. It was hard to be appealed by boring doors since its similarity with every neighbor. The same sized and colored doors are just tools for opening and shutting. For some reasons, in my photo archive, I have many pictures of various western type of doors which I took during my travels. A door which makes a great harmony with plants next it, a door filled with graffities or stickers, a door became a canvas for children and many more. Sometimes, a door makes me imagine how those opposite parts of houses look like or about tenants’ personalities, races, religions, member of family. I felt humanity being related to the door and I started being fascinated by observing different looks of doors which I faced in my daily life. Doors let me imagine.

The world over the door, my house.

The dictionary definition of house is ‘a place which protects us from exterior environment by walls and a roof’, yet our impressions which houses left to us are not confined to the simple physical meaning. This is a place where you met your family for the first time, where you spent most of life span, and where you share your nostalgias and accumulate memories. Likewise, a house is a precious space connected closely with our memories and lives, and a shelter where you can let things flow and relax after an exhausting day. People get comforted by their houses. Even though those are not places where you serve the god, like a church or a temple, it makes us remember ‘true myself’ in our houses. The house holds all reminiscences since every moment we spent with our family and friends is scribed in every corner of space.

People reflect themselves to their house.

When people imagine a house, generally they recall images of their houses, not specific addresses. We remember our own traces which remain in every nook and corner. A house is a lifeful place where is filled with one’s life and personal memories are accumulated. My home, my space perhaps makes me the true me without wearing any masks. When leaving for outdoors, we face numerous rules and regulations. Those can be rules of ethics or strict laws we must obey. We come back to the house after a day spent with all the exhausting obsessions and pressures. Whenever we step into the house, all the tired burden can be resolved and feel relaxed. This is the only space without any rule and the space is allowed only for myself.

Every door is friendly.

We face a door everyday by starting and finishing our daily lives through the door. A door is a boarder and a passage which a person faces a person, a space coincides a space and a world meets a world. We communicate through the door. Door are full of excitements. When I stand in front of someone’s door, every evidence surrounded makes me imagine a new world and a person over the door. I observe doors which are not explicitly intentioned, but with natural touches.