Paula's Thesis Outline

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What is the thesis going to be about?

With this essay I will attempt to unfold my artistic practice. Along my visual practice some theoretical aspects will be included. Together these two threads form the core of my practice. This text will provide an insight to my methodology as well as a documentation of my graduation work. In chapter one I will identify my interest in photography and unpack my former practice and methodology. In chapter two I will carve out the shift of narration by moving away from representation and using found images in my work over the past two years. The third chapter comprises a description of my intended graduation work. The conclusion eventually reflects the process towards the current work.

Chapter 1 - My interest in photography, my former practice and method (2000 words)

The initial spark

On Portraits

Naked vs Nude

Gender, Power, Gaze

My research: Art History - image tradition Gay History, Queer Theory

Previous Work

Chapter 2 - Moving away from representation (2000 words)


Describing Beauty Queens

Towards appropriation

Creating a space between ("Denkraum" Aby Warburg?)

Collections (the infinite archive)

Chapter 3 - Graduation work & trying to link it to former practice (2000 words)

Concept of procrastination

Personal notes - maybe diary like

Chapter 4 - Conclusion (500 words)