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Pandoc diagram.jpg

A universal document converter - converts from one markup language onto another

Use: convert downloaded wiki pages onto HTML files

extensive documentation in Pandoc’s Manual or man pandoc

pandoc example1: convert HTML string to markdown

echo "<h1>Hello Pandoc</h1><p>from html to markdown</p>" | pandoc -f html -t markdown

pandoc example2: mediawiki file to HTML

  • Save the content of a wiki page on to a plain-text file, example:
  • convert:

pandoc -f mediawiki -t html -o page.html

Pandoc common arguments

-f - option standing for “from”, is followed by the input format;

-t - option standing for “to”, is followed by the output format;

-s - option standing for “standalone”, produces output with an appropriate header and footer;

-o - option for file output; - mediawiki input filename

changing the default template

pandoc --from markdown --to html5 --print-default-template=html5 > template.html
pandoc --from markdown --to html5 --template template.html -o output.html