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Here a list of all XPUB1 pads (2021/2022)(classes, and group meetings) This page works as a mini database for the PADliography you can find in our Soupboat 👀
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List of pads

Link Title Overview Category Date Week_1 with Steve Introduction to Reading, Writing and Research Methodologies + first reading, writing workshop RWRM, Week_1 9/22/2021 Introduction to prototyping Knowledge and information organisation are deeply intimate acts Prototyping, Week_1 9/21/2021 Orientation/Navigation Object relations are not just a story of how we use objects but rather how, through relating, we begin to inaugurate and structure our very capacity to position ourselves in reality and phantasy, and so, to the very work of thinking. SP16, Week_2 09/28/2021 Prototyping Soupboat is born SP16, Week_2 09/27/2021 Language patterns experiments Cat’s cradle is about patterns and knots SP16, Week_3 10/5/2021 Reader 'prototypes' since we are exposed to several topics relates to orientation / disorientation / editing / so we could help(?) the readers to navigate different texts SP16, RWRM, Week_3 10/6/2021 Transcription processes interpretive decisions (What is transcribed?) epresentational decisions (How is it transcribed?) SP16, Week_4 10/12/2021 Magic Words Glossary Little spells that can be used anywhere on the pad to indicate how we want to interact with the text SP16, Week_3 10/5/2021 Prototyping XP8 + NLTK2 Custom text corpus in NLTK Prototyping, Week_4, NLTK 10/11/2021 Prototyping XP7 + NLTK1 Introduction to NLTK + Explorative programming ch 7 Prototyping, Week_3, NLTK 10/4/2021 Meeting SP16: Rejection? 🧠⚡ First group meeting for the SP16 SP16, Meeting, Rejection 10/18/2021 Rejection Glossary Approaching rejection from a lot of points of view SP16, Rejection 10/18/2021 Group Meeting Structure How do we want to work together? How can we structure future meetings? SP16, Meeting, Rejection 10/27/2021 Prototyping Collecting texts and creating our own corpora Week_7, Prototyping, NLTK 11/1/2021 SP16 with Clara Balaguer Week_7, SP16 11/2/2021 TBD VLTK, by Clara Balaguer A high-low mix tape on the vernacular Week_7, SP16 11/2/2021 Group Meeting Remarks on the Rejection Glossary, Vernacular, SI16 Brainstorming, Organising our work Week_7, SP16, Meeting, Rejection 11/4/2021 TEMPLATE for Group Meetings Please copy from this template and paste to the actual meeting pad! SP16, Meeting, Templates 11/4/2021 Prototyping XP15, Publishing Pipeline XP15 check in + Etherpad API with Python Week_8, Prototyping 11/8/2021 SP16 with Cristina (Danny is sick) RUMINATION, DIGESTION, REFLECTION a.k.a. "The long day with Cristina" SP16, Week_8 11/9/2021 Prototyping Sharing out prototypes, Creating a webpage w/ Python + html & css, What is "documentation" Prototyping, Week_9 11/15/2021 Group meeting morning: SP16 structure proposals; afternoon: editorial w/ Cristina Week_9, SP16 11/16/2021 Prototyping Exploring ways to create the API [examples] Week_10, Prototyping 11/22/2021 Guest Danny Tirthdas van der Kleij Vernacular in the Software Week_10, SP16 11/26/2021 Prototyping Check-in + Tutorial + ... Week_11, SP16, Prototyping 11/29/2021 Prototyping ... Week_12, SP16, Prototyping 12/06/2021 SP16 with Cristina Radical efficiency day Week_12, SP16 12/07/2021 SP17 with Lidia & Co. Ideology, gamification Week_02, SP17 01/18/2022 RW&RM with Steve Marx and Engels; Gramsci; Hebdidge; Chad McCail Week_02, SP17, RWRM 01/19/2022 SP17 with Lidia & Co. Games as reproductive technologies, Predatory monetization Week_03, SP17 01/25/2022 SP16 Debrief Reflections, debrief with XPUB1, Aymeric, Michael, Cristina, Manetta and Steve Debrief, SP16, Week_03 01/26/2022 SP17 with Lidia & Co. Digesting, reflecting, more reads + Tutorials SP17, Week_04 02/01/2022 RW&RM with Steve NO NEW STUFF & Creating our Productive Play Glossary SP17, RWRM, Week_04 02/02/2022 Prototyping Building little games, playful things, make mazes with python Prototyping, Week_05 02/07/2022 SP17 with Lidia & Co. What is modding and how it is connected to culture and labour SP17, Week_05 02/07/2022 Experimental Kitchen Kim and Chae designed an experimental role-play session for the whole group SP17, Week_05 02/08/2022 Paolo Pedercini session tba SP17, Week_05, Talks 02/09/2022 Prototyping Play time for puzzles, mini-games collaboration tools Prototyping, Week_06 02/14/2022 RW&RM with Steve Loot box ideas and prototypes RWRM, Week_06 02/16/2022 Group meeting set pre-launch date and group awareness, the loot box, our public and intentions towards our public SP17, Meeting 02/18/2022 Group meeting Loot box proposals, PNF & confirm format - the Box SP17, Meeting, Week_06 02/21/2022 dr. Shira Chess session Public lecture & private Q&A with "Play Like A Feminist" author SP17, Talks 02/23/2022 Group meeting Prototypes presentations, getting stuck and dividing into small groups to move on SP17, Meeting 02/28/2022 Prototyping Bots, IRC [hello, again, mIRC-a :D] & chat bots with python Prototyping, Week_09 03/07/2022 SP17 with Lidia & Co. Progress updates from Teams #1, #2 and #3 SP17, Week_09 03/08/2022 Editorial meeting Team representatives meeting with the editors to align the overall concept SP17, Week_09, Meeting 03/09/2022 Prototyping Catching up, git tutorial, deadlines for the week Prototyping, Week_10 03/14/2022 SP17 with Lidia & Steve Updates from editors and teams 1,2 3; to-dos for the week SP17, Week_10 03/14/2022 Prototyping Assessments, documentation & updates from teams 1 & 3; Hello, Spring! SP17, Week_10 03/21/2022