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objectivity not always defined science its also younger than truth and cetainty and not the same obje. is blind sight

truth-to-nature (before obj) mechanical obecjtivity trained judgement (as reaction on obj) (SERIES puncuated by novelty)

f.e. judgement was understood differently before and after obj

sciences must deal with the problem selecting n constituring working subejtss as opposed to natural object atlas images, laboratory prrocesses etc, nature under investigation

why make images= a new atlas would contain text to explain why a new map, so do images ?

atlases map the territory of the science they work, they are guides on how sth should be looked at

maps n remix()??? fruit of scient. collaboration. scientist artist collaboration

they set the standards for science without these one shuld start from the scratch

printing n distribution

they made possible collective empiricism


objectivity, the supression of some aspect of the self. the history of objectivity becomes part of the history of the self, of the scientific self. if objectivity was summomed into existence to negate subjectivity. then the emergence of obj must tally with the emergence of a certain kind of willful self one perceive as endandering scientific knowledge.

objectivity is new

epistemic virtues=

c.1860 into scientifit obj before that truht to nature after that train,judgement

sometimes scienist must choose betwtenn obj or truth ,obj and judgement

when obj became ubiquitous?? and irresistable

hence a thing is set to exits objectively when it exist no otherwise then in beeing know.or in beeing an object of the mind

obj referd to things as they are presented to consioucness where as subj refered to things in themselfes

kantian philosopy n reflection terminology of obj and subj

all this that are subjektive we may comprecend in the name of the self or intelligence , both conception are insessear ani thesis


what is the nature of obj?obj is the suppression of some aspect of the self,the countering of subjectivity

obj and subj define eachother,

if obj was summoned into existence to negate subjectivity, then the emergence of obj must tally with the emergence of a certain kind of willful self, one perceived as endangering scientific knowledge.

the history of obj becomes part of the history of the self :):):) (the scientific self )

19th = scientific self as totally opposed to artistis self,(scientific vs art.images)public personas of artists and scientist polarized dispite the close analogies shown during Renaissane though Enlightment (artist almost to flaunt their subjectivity, scientist to restrain theirs) to be considered an artist one should show elements of his "personality" in his work

the scientific self of obj was realised and reinforced by specialized TECHNIQUES OF THE SELF (keepin a lab notebook with real time entries---see foucault , writting, grid guided drawing, artificial DEVISION of the self into active experimenter and passive observer

Practise objectivity= exercise the scientific self These techniques of the self were also practises of scientific objectivity.

There was not before scientific work an already established free floating scientific self that found application in the practises of image making. Instead, the broader notion of for example a will based scientific self was articulated-builtup- reinforced- through concrete acts, repeated thousands of times in a myriad of fields in which observers struggled to act, record, draw, trace, and photograph their way to minimise the impakt of their WIll.

a scientific self grounded in a will to willessness , and an artistic self that circulated around a will to willfuness

epistemic virtues in sciences are practised in order to know the world not the self