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April 20, 2022 Reading & Writing

Steve notes:

  • Please make sure you upload the visual notations (the beautiful line drawings and diagrams) to this pad, alongside the relevant notation.
  • Please make sure all the cover versions are included (with visuals)
  • Please convert the pad to a wiki page when everything is gathered together on the pad.

Link to the other pad we were using today (annotation pad):

Link to sound files: > /shared/html/SI18/notations >>    notations/ 

Notations (scratches)

Miri & Emma:

Start a rap battle and take turns. You're only allowed to say types of food/drinks you were not allowed to consume as a kid. Example: "Red Bull" - "Oreo cookies" - "Nutella" (recorded):

Chose a partner and an object. The item needs to be squeezed with the left hand of person 1 and the right hand of person

2. (recorded) Take an existing song lyric and write it down. Try syncing the rhythm of writing with the rhythm of the song without listening to the actual song. (recorded)

Imagine you're a soccer coach and you need to scream over the field to give your team advice but you're not allowed to use language.

Imitate the sound of your evening routine by scratching sounds on a table.


Imagine you are Jeff Bezos. Start playing.

Imagine you are Nelson Mandela. Start playing.

Imagine you are Angela Merkel. Start playing.

Imagine you're the owner of a café and your coffee machine just broke down. You try imitating the sounds of a coffee machine so the customers won't notice that the coffee machine broke.

(recorded) Covered by Blind Smashed Orchestra: covered

Think of an embarrassing thing that happened to you. Think about where exactly you feel that feeling of embarrassment in your body. Make sounds with these body parts only.

11. One goes underneath a table and put their face on the surface. One goes on the top of a table. Both whisper to each other with the face on the surface. (recorded)

12. Look at a scar you have. Try playing an instrument with that scar only.

13. Imagine you are the sun. Start playing. (covered)

14. Imagine the sounds you make while sleeping. Play them.

15. Try to play an instrument the way a giraffe would do it.

16. Scream "Fuck!" after every note you play.

17. Hum the sound of a commercial jingle you know but with your mouth open. (recorded) Covered by Blind Smashed Orchestra; "Purlan" commercial Alex remembers since she was very young :- covered

18. Calculate how many days it takes to your birthday. Take the nearest book you find, open page number [days until birthday] and the first noun you read will be your next instrument.

19. Eat a meal in the sun. (recorded)

20. Think of a question. Look for the answer on wiki how. Follow the instructions. Only read words that starts with the first letter of your mother's name. (recorded)covered

21. Think of a rhythm. Don't play it. Neither move. (recorded)

22. Stare at the sun without sunglasses. Describe the feeling in a calm and juicy way. Covered by Blind Smashed Orchestra:

23. Imagine you are your alarm clock. Sing "We will rock you".

24. Take your shoe off and hold the opening of the shoe over your mouth. Start singing.

25. Go to a coffee machine. Order 2 coffees. Drink them in the sun. (recorded)

26. Go into a big room. Make a sound. Go into a smaller room. Make a sound. Go into a smaller room. Make a sound. Go into a smaller room. Make a sound. Go into a smaller room. Make a sound.

27. Think of a melody. Ask to someone on the left to think of a melody. Start singing the melodies simoultaneously.

28. Say out loud something you would whisper. Whisper something you would say out loud. (recorded) covered

29. Sit somewhere. Shuffle a deck of imaginary cards. Distribute them on the table and read the future.

30. Pick a song you like but it's not well known. Make another person listen to it. Make the other person sing the song without listening to the song again.

31. Sit on a chair. Fold your body and put your head upside down, in the middle of your knees. Try to look backwards (with your head towards the floor). Tell a story of your childhood.

32. Exchange your shoes with someone. Walk backwards.

11, 13, 17 Champoleon 6 recording sample:

1. You need at least two participants

2. Each participant chooses one word. It can be a word that exist, or gibberish.

3. The score is a collective drawing in which each line should cross at least another one. The score has no orientation, we suggest to draw it on a circular sheet.



4. Follow the score with your finger and interpret it with your chosen word.

5. When fingers meet, swap the word.

Mitsa & Jian & Gi

2 person piece

Person 1:

Person 2:

Supi and Kimberley 3

1. Select a layout (a book cover, a page, a web page, a poster, a floor plan, a newspaper page, you name it!)

2. Isolate the different elements of the layout. (see example:

3. Pick one object as your instrument.

4. For each element in the layout, record a sound using the chosen instrument taking in consideration the nature of the element (its importance, hierarchy, font weight...).

5. Create a sound file in any sound editing software and upload each sound in separate tracks. When layering the sounds, again take into consideration the hierarchy of the element on the layout, its eventual repetition, breaks, rhythm, etc. Cut and repeat as you wish in order to translate the visual layout into a sound piece.



al carmen grgr

blind-smashed-orchestra 4

1 blind-smashed-orchestra

instructions: Imagine you are the conductor of an orchestra. Choose some musicians and form a circle with them. start playing your masterpiece invoking the names of the instruments that will be given to each musician (f.e. you say drums looking at someone and this person will be in charge of the drums) The orchestra is a very special one. An orchestra of flat bodies laying on the ground. Blindfolded. Facing down. So as soon as you name the instrument the person in charge of it will crash on the ground and start improvise imitating that instrument. (you can choose between drums, winds, strings, vocals) in the end join your musicians on the ground and direct your orchestra!

2 loop-stretch-cut instructions:

In a group of 3 people:

person 1 chooses a word and starts repeating it (as a loop)

person 2 waits a bit and starts stretching the word (as if it is stretched on Audacity)

person 3 waits a bit and starts to perform cuts of the word (as if it's cut on Audacity)

keep the performance for a while :-)

record & upload here:

extra notations:

   1 Play how [anxiety] sounds like [or any other feeling/idea you would like to try]
   alex recording:

   2 Reversed words: Records some things you said but wish to take back. Then, but them, paste them and reverse them. Then, it's done!
   alex recording of random bad things parents might say to their children: