Negotiate Collaboration (Wordhole)

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Negotiate Collaboration

There are 5 steps and practices that consistently work. The model presented here identifies the five stages of any negotiation in a simplified framework that helps you to analyze and absorb. Collaborative negotiations are an ongoing process, which build confidence, trust and strong relationships.

Negotiate Collaboration Practices in SI22

  • Discuss how to collaborate practices with others, sharing the best/worst experiences, personal preferences and feelings about it. Also talk about the difficulties of collaborations in a large group.
  • How to distribute different tasks to people. Is it possible we could all focus on one project?

Difference between collaborative and distributed practices. (a) collaborative: moving towards a more unified outcome (b) distributive: sharing of methods, people are free to produce individual outcomes

  • Small group collaboration practice in Radio Worm.

Learn how to do the team work and make an experimental radio show.

  • Zine camp group distribution:

Zine/ Radio/ Presentation/ Marketing/ Retails team