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“You shouldn't mix up your identities” warns the handbook for Smarty, a templating language. “Most often, designers are also programmers to some extent and vice versa. While designing you must totally forget that you are also a programmer and look at things only from a designer's perspective. If you mixup your identities, there will be a great risk of nonstandar designs.”

Considering the current opportunity a media life gives people to create multiple versions of themselves and others, and to endlessly redact themselves (as someone does with his/her profile on an online dating site in order to produce better matches), we now have entered a time where… we can in fact see ourselves live, become cognizant about how our lifeworld is 'a world of artifice, of bending, adapting, of fiction, vanity, a world that has meaning and value only for the man who is its deviser' [Pirandello 1990, 39]. But this is not an atomized, fragmented, and depressing world, or it does not have to be such a world. (Deuze, Blank, and Speers, 2012)


Manuel Castells (1996) further explains the central role of identity:

In a world of global flows of wealth, power, and images, the search for identity, collective or individual, ascribed or constructed, becomes the fundamental source of social meaning. This is not a new trend, since identity, and particularly religious and ethnic identity, have been at the roots of meaning since the dawn of human society. Yet identity is becoming the main, and sometimes the only, source of meaning in a historical period characterized by widespread destructuring of organizations, delegitimation of institutions, fading away of major social movements, and ephemeral cultural expressions. People increasingly organize their meaning not around what they do but on the basis of what they are (3). If nationalism is, most often, a reaction against a threatened autonomous identity, then, in a world submitted to culture homogenization by the ideology of modernization and the power of global media, language, the direct expression of culture, becomes the trench of cultural resistance, the last bastion of self-control, the refuge of identifiable meaning (52).

Re: Επικοινωνία με το Facebook Facebook Προς Εγώ Σήμερα στις 3:06 μ.μ. Γεια σας,

Το Facebook είναι μια κοινότητα όπου τα μέλη χρησιμοποιούν την πραγματική τους ταυτότητα.
Όλοι οι χρήστες πρέπει να χρησιμοποιούν το πραγματικό ονοματεπώνυμό τους και
την πραγματική ημερομηνία γέννησής τους, 
ώστε να γνωρίζουν πάντα με ποιον συνδέονται. Ο λογαριασμός σας απενεργοποιήθηκε προσωρινά,
επειδή το Χρονολόγιό σας δεν αναφέρει το   πραγματικό σας όνομα.


 Για να ενεργοποιήσουμε ξανά το λογαριασμό σας, απαντήστε σε αυτό το email γράφοντας το όνομά σας 
όπως αναγράφεται στην αστυνομική σας   ταυτότητα (ή σε άλλο κρατικό πιστοποιητικό ταυτότητας,
π.χ. διαβατήριο ή δίπλωμα οδήγησης). Μόλις μας γνωστοποιήσετε το πραγματικό σας    όνομα, θα
μπορέσουμε να ενημερώσουμε το Χρονολόγιό σας και να ενεργοποιήσουμε ξανά το λογαριασμό σας.

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Σας ευχαριστούμε,
Η ομάδα του Facebook

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