Mariapocalypse (Wordhole)

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What it is

The apocalypse is an editorial space. On the basis of a pending catastrophe we are called to decide upon the relevance of archives in the future and make choices based on our informed judgement and the needs that we imagine a future society will have in order to (re)build itself (and) in connection to radio making.

What to do with it

To connect SI22 to the apocalypse narrative I would like to fictionalize and adapt (excerpts of) the transcripts of the interviews we had on 7/11 (rendered by Riviera and Rosa) with prominent Radio Worm radio makers (Lucas, Lieuwe and Ash) as a radio activation manual/radio community survival guide, and turn it into a publication through weasyprint or another web to print F/LOSS tool. The publication could (maybe should) also include photos and/or illustrations (as a universal language). It will serve as a manifestation of the post-apocalyptic narrative, as a tribute to Worm Radio and as a thank you gift to the makers who opened their arms and studio for us.

The idea behind it

In this post-apocalyptic narrative the sense of community is central as well as the desire to establish practices that can be followed and sustained with the minimum possible resources. The archival elements should be economical but also supporting a positive climate of collaboration between the members of an emerging community. The apocalypse is not seen as a frustrating end of things but as an opportunity for a clean start upon the ruins of what might have been good at parts but was also essentially burdening us with its insufferable weight.

See also: Manual for Post-Apocalyptic Radio Making