Luni Scratch

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April 5

Second exercise:

my own scratch directory:

  1. Scroll through your notes and select 5 combinations of words/phrases/sentences (having your research interests in mind)
  2. Select 5 phrases/words/combinations from research papers/articles/webpages/poems that you are reading for your research (having your research interests in mind)

result - 10 small texts

3. Take 10 pictures of random colors/textures/backgrounds

4. Combine phrases with each other, look for new meanings (or not) something like a cut out method

5. Add texts on the texture/color images combine everything

6. Make visual sculptures of the words and textures.

10 texts:

accident born out of necessity

myth and reality


nothing but love brings us apart

It's just this image

Ko tu liūdi, berželi / why are you sad, birch

nusiraminimo vieta / a place to calm down

prosenelių išmintis / wisdom of great-grandparents

piktoji dvasia / evil spirit

ugnis buvo laikoma didžiausia šventenybe / fire was considered the greatest holiness

10 images:

First exercise :

Claudio scratch nr5.

Make a copy of the oldest and the most recent picture you have in your phone gallery.

Scratch 1.jpg

Arabella scratch

nr3. Take a photo of something living and non human


nr4. Make an image of something dead

Scratch 2.jpg

Clara scratch

nr.2 Find a texture that brings you calmth

Scratch 3.jpg

Clara scratch

nr.3 Scan your Jewelry

Scratch 5.jpg