Lucian Wester

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Lucian Wester
Graduation year 2013
First name Lucian
Last name Wester


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His work comprises a series of experiments, most of which have been created in the darkroom. A large triptych was created using the physical principal that light weakens over space, leaving the colour gradients on the photosensitive paper. The paper is exposed twice with complementary colours that merge into each other and created a vague greyish tint where they meet. In a number of smaller works an optic is placed on photosensitive paper during exposure. These works show the complexity of light's behaviour through optical instruments, for instance a lens focuses the light, but also reflects light inside and outside the optic.

Lucian Wester [NL] is a Rotterdam based artist. Through his work he connects scientific principles, phenomena and effects and tries to understand them in a context that is linked to the discourse of art and aesthetics, rather than to the discourse of evidence production. By deconstructing and abstracting photography he is able to reflect upon the medium and its status in our present society.



01 Lucian Wester installation 1.jpg

02 Lucian Wester Natural Gradients no3 red cyan.jpg

03 Lucian Wester projecting camera.jpg

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