Luca thesis drafts and notes

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Luca-project proposal

Realistic outcome for next meeting=

Luca: Want to start writing on 'this is us'; using the solo, duo, trio form. Will start writing the 'artistic piece' in order to clarify how this mode can be used.

Q: what do you expect?

Luca: would like to go back to the scripts and see how writing in 'trio' form will change the approach- I expect this will afford longer scenes with more happening- more voices - interesting to see how they function as a whole.

For next time = have the intro; the solo, duo, trio form for 'this is us' (this will need to be edited later)

Next session: review material... and review bibliography's_group

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • 19 November - Graduate Proposal Deadline = DONE
  • 19 November - Thesis Outline Deadline = DONE

  • 3 Dec - Deadline First Chapter = ?

  • 18 Feb - Deadline First Draft Thesis
  • 18 March - Deadline Second Draft thesis (texts to 2nd readers)
  • 1 April - Deadlines Second readers' comments
  • 14 April - DEADLINE THESIS

Grading procedure (Thesis):

Early May: Steve, Marloes and Natasha draft feedback on the thesis texts they supervised

Mid-May: Steve, Marloes and Natasha review each other’s feedback and grades

End of May: Finalize feedback and grades.

Early June: Finalized feedback and grades communicated to students.