Love Language

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Love Language
Creator Sasson Kung,
Year 2006
SassonKung LoveLanguageCover.gif

Custom-designed font fusing Chinese and English word forms, plus custom keyboard overlay to support multi-lingual dating

Love programme is a system to help Chinese speaker and English speaker that communicate each other.The love language system is a visual system, and pronunciation is left out. A language system is a huge project so I had to focus on one goal. I chose to focus on of the aspects of "love". Love means passion, love is natural to human beings and everybody needs love. Love is a very basic relationship form between human beings. The Natural Semantic Metalanguage system serves as the underlying structure for my love language system, taking 61 words and adding different meanings of words. The purpose is to take the different words and design a different icon for each word. The new icons will be the designed combination of the Chinese and English characters;