Life Hack Agent

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OVERVIEW: 5/11/2018 Developments

The agent is inhabited by 2 characters, who render their presence noted with audio. They are

  • the rebel
    • who: a machine voice
    • what: a tiger mum, or naughty manager; cynical; sadistic; antagonistic, anarcho-capitalist; devil's advocate; "a shit-stirrer" (or a "larrikin"); direct / passive-aggressive; aligned with authority - someone who is trying to sabotage you diva; hypocrite
    • when: interjects / reacts to the oracle:
    • search for keywords in what the oracle says in order to construct its interjections . How outputs exisiting senteces
    • JSON: /

19/11/18 Developments


  • content: writing, copy-editing
  • object / device look
  • voice recording + composition
  • text-to-speech exploration
  • from JSON to logic: programing
  • camera (how?) / distance sensor: to detect presence