Lecture notes for assignment 2

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PARTICIPATORY SURVEILLANCE OR PARTICIPATORY CAPITALISM (a model for understanding who we are) -wikileaks (reputable news institution, they do what journalists do and the guardian becomes the medium of distribution) data- leaves of the tree // information - the whole tree, formated

-how can a system work with nice guyis in control? -we are part of it

"Postscripts of control society" control, encapsulation of people in prisons, schools, etc, control power through informational interchanges, control people via their access in information material discourse, discourse is action in space disciplinary society, every one is a performer in a society of spectacle, we are performing subjects, (system of participation, advertising etc) economy based on sharing info we are contributing in the flow of data FOUCAULT panoptikon MARK POSTER superpanoptikon WE know that we are watched and our act is based on that -govermentality distribution of power how the sort of the pople who thinkg wr are has changed discipline society (doesnt "kill", it reforms subjectivity) panopticon inspired by Jeremy Bentham 's penitentiary panopticon DISCIPLINARY SPACES prison- school-hospital-factoy-church (family?) make us eternalize control, follow norms CLASSIC AGE 17.18 cent: the body is a subject of power through punishment enlightment: introduced the idea of a state that looks after us MODERN AGE: body is tranformed into paticular spaces (disciplinary spaces) The more compliant the body, the more efficient it will be. Efficiency is gained through codification of time- space (time code=>gives individual ranking, space code=> gives individual space) Biopower= the distribution of bodies in time and space Disciplinary systems based on surveillance, discipline, ranking and self regulation Power remains, continuity bad side (we are cogs in the machine) good side (systems of health , education, etc etc) nevertheless our individuality in constructed

the function of disciplinE society is to train -observation-surveillance -normalisation/ judgement -examination (classification, punishment, diagnose) photography as a means of surveillance and normalisation Cesare lombroso typology of criminals (1870) (database) foucault and the individual .p 204 we are not suprised, it becomes kind of obvious +the notion of social construction +we are constituted by elements that are external for us gilles deleuze control society cultural hegemony celebrity- neolibrreal, performing subject, performacne subject essential to get visibility we become commodity, the production of the individual as commodity we sell ourself nonscopic surveillance devices

DATABASE the organisational principle that calls us to explain, organize our shelfes major change in the way records are kept (we participate n share) surveillance without a particular space

panoptikon -industrialisation superpanoptikon post fordist society

control society-> codes discipline society-?rules, forms(the body is situated)

WE LIVE IN PUBLIC capsule -(arhitecture n capsules?) everyting is FREE pseydo chat, web tv, streaming Josh Harris : we are in the business to control peoples life, my job is to destroy NBC freedome be beeing watced "detached from myself" Millgram experiment (sort prototype of reality tv)