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Student Yoana Buzova
Graduation Year
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Work Description LEAVEAMESSAGE is an ongoing project that attempts to create and facilitate a DIY, anonymous, international voice message network in public space.
Bio Yoana Buzova (BG) is passionate about public space and short-lived, neglected moments and objects. In her work, she employs low-tech, DIY methods, found and repurposed material to create poetic moments. She is currently obsessed with boxes.
URL http://oyoana.com/

Listening point in TENT


Lvmsg.png is a participatory project, a network of voice mailboxes, that allow members of the public to record and distribute audio messages in public space. The boxes are installed in different counties, cities, contexts. Connected to each other, the boxes provide playful, performative moments for strangers to break from their routine and enter into a network of anonymous voices, travelling an unplanned journey trough cityscapes.

The LEAVEMESSAGE BOX is a DIY media object cased in a repurposed cashbox, working with the open source development platform raspbery pi (single-board computer).


inside the box -------->


some places, part of the network ------>