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I tried to built a camera where I get special effects of the color. For that I built a spacer between the shutter and the lens. In the space I drilled four holes and taped them with color foil. I enjoyed this workshop to build the camera. It was interesting to see, who easily you can build a camera, and to recognise what are the key elements of a camera. After the first testshoot, I analiesed what I have to change or to do better to reach the kind of images I want to have. For the secound try I used a tripot. That wasn´t that professional because the camera is made of wood, and there is no perfect option to fix the camera on the tripot. Anyway the secound try faild, because the film stucked in the camera and then the flip side of the camera went of. I had to fix the camera before I could start my thrid try. I went to the Kaling lake, waited until the afternoon to have the light what I wanted and shoot the landscape. I was quite happy with my result. I don´t think I will use the camera again, because it is really fragile. When there is a film inside, you have to be very carefully the the shutterspeed don´t move. (That is nearly impossible if you want to move you camera from A to B). You don´t have the option to focus. And you don´t see what you exactly want to photographing because there is no viewfinder or display. I want to have the control of the camera to only concentrate on the image I want to shoot.