Lea/Ariella Azoulay: What is a photograph? What is a photography?

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What is a photograph?

-photographs are no documents for research by the most political philosophers, historian and sociologist. -Photographs are false, partial, incidental and biased -photographs are references to an event -photograph have a problematic language of captions -photograph are the product of an encounter of several protagonists -photograph is a product of one stable point of view -photograph is always in excess of, and always bears a lack in relation to, each of its protagonists. -photograph have a different subject -> to know what the aim was, is to find out. -photographer has the responsible to put up the boundaries of each photo (he/she alone does not determine what happen when the photograph might be reconstruckted by people)

-photograph contain always more and less what someone wished to describe. (it is impossible to subject all of them to the point of view of any single one, because of the memory of each viewer and the way of seeing at a photograph)