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Creator Julie Boschat Thorez
Year 2016
Bio Julie Boschat Thorez (FR) is a researcher, artist and proficient creator of far fetched analogies. Her work currently engages with the materiality and geography of digital networks. She regards them as agents, structuring the agency between humans acting across the localities covered, at a pace induced by their physical properties and political orientations.

The Light Interferometer Astro-Digital Packets Observatory (Cephei) has been built with the aim to discover the matching pattern of the star constellation of Cepheus in the sky and over the Earth, through the Internet. The artist is seeking a correlation, recognizable by the identification of some objects' positions in each environment through the use of their respective addressing systems. The project attempts to reimplement the notions of physical constrains and individual perspective in navigating and imagining digital Networks, by comparing data transmission with light emission from far celestial objects.