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14 AUG

Square Design Guild: Resources

11 MAY

How zip codes helped organise America

funky site that converts locations into words. meant to be an easier way for humans to remember a point, instead of zip codes or geocodes

  • PZI - outwit.blinking.pins
  • WdKA - inquest.doctors.happily
  • Huis ten Bosch (where Beatrix lives) - enable.muscular.quest
  • Buckingham Palace - fence.gross.bats

13 FEB

Bruno Munari - Speak Italian: The Fine Art of the Gesture (1963)
reprinted 2010

relates back to sign language comparison book!! - ethos from WSA


Mind as a Dossier

Steve Rushton explaining The New Media Reader by Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort (find book in studio)
content relates to digitalising A Mind as a Dossier
Chapter 12 - Oulipo
yours for the telling Raymond Queneau
program makes restraints
combinatory literature
McCann Literature and Mathematics
Pompidou - writing is a code relying on arrangements

The New Media Reader cover.jpg The New Media Reader chapter 12.jpg