Karina/brain books synesthesia

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12 APR

Zsofi can associate colours to words and sounds
"That's why I was good at learning the piano. I had a connection to the memory. I had a feeling for the colour and how it should be played."

Brain Book about synesthesia.

  • Colour palette to show the colours for different words
  • Possibly the object could be shown in the felt colour (apple is light light brown / yellowish / greenish)


When interviewing / researching with Zsofi

  • Numbers have a clear distinct colour (2 is light / bright green)
  • Some words are represented with a few different hues. (Duck is dark green, black)
  • Some words are obvious (banana is yellow) but could also have a feeling (banana is 'generally a warm feeling')
  • Helps if I ask her word for word, not a list and ask which ones are 'orange'
  • She finds it difficult to describe colours using words - colour vocabulary is limited. Easier if presented with a pantone palette
  • Sometimes hesitates with English words, makes clearer / faster connections with Hungarian words