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To whom it may concern.

This is a page for describing the XPUB events at Karel Doormanhof PZI building, that are going to happen throughout our graduation year 2018-2019.
The events are about exhibitions/tests of stages of the graduation work of second years of XPUB. In every event we will introduce one topic that is connected to our individual work. The events will be spread through word of mouth.

1st event: UNPACKING GENDER ROLES ... in your stomach, in your newsfeed, in your vocal chords

Poster unpacking.png

Friday, 29/3/2019 | around 15:00- 18:00
in the FA studio building KDH (the large project space)

With Alice Strete, Tash Berting, Angeliki Diakrousi (XPUB2)

Join us for an informal meet-up to discuss our graduation process under the same umbrella, through the lens of gender. In our work, we explore strategies to unpack, decontextualize and infiltrate gender structures in our daily lives. We will talk about public speaking and listening, visual gender representations in food culture, and how social media amplifies some voices while silencing others.

The intention of this event is to make public our processes, and invite others to exchange feedback. If you have any thoughts/work/ideas to share, please feel free to bring something of your own!!


  • Collective reading & game test — about online deviance & women's voices on social media
  • Screening — videos related to gender representation in the kitchen, and discussions based on those
  • Experiments — discuss and share personal experiences about silencing and exclusion of female voices from public. Work with our voice, read and transcribe extracts of related texts


  • beamer
  • speakers
  • power cable extender
  • access for all