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This is an ongoing endeavor for which I haven't found the most fitting form to materialize. I am using this page as a repository for all the references, thoughts and smaller, concrete experiments. To know the actual shape of the project is going to take a while...

a trip to the natural history museum

struck by

  • the preserved shell of a lobster (j, 2014/15/16/17/18)
  • butterfly specimens (dad, ~first apartment, dim lights)
  • the sublimity of a whale bone (oaxaca, soroya, 2017)
  • the oldest animal is the quahog (emmet, 2016)
  • como the giraffe and ramon the rhino? (unencountered, the zoo in blijdorp)
  • seashell fossils (mom, nw china, 201?)

mütter museum in Philadelphia

a trip to de Hortus

  • butterflies
  • flowering maguey


I have not worked these into synopsis or comparative criticism. If ssomething has been synthesized or is no longer relevant, I will delete it from the list.

  • "Certain Fragments", Tim Etchells[1]
  • "The Archive", Documents of Contemporary Art
  • "Poetics", Aristotle[2]
  • "Dear Reader, Don't Read", Catalog: Ulises Carrión, Guy Schraenen[3]


  • "Buena memoria", Marcelo Brodsky
  • "Atlas", Gerhard Richter
  • "Family Register", Mu Chen and Shao Yinong


  • The Casting, Omar Fast [4]
  • Talk Show, Omar Fast [5]
  • Five thousand Miles


personal memories & cultural history

traveling & exile

serendipity & choice

the universality of emotions

empathy through narratives

bits & pieces

Things I wrote: "Rule of Novels"/"Eating Alone in Tallinn"/"Dinner"

Things I did: Rooftop Barter/Future Memories/Mobile Lemon (tinyletter)

"And sometimes, sometimes...men, missing what was once home, we cry silently in order to become old men." (Reza Jalali/Moth)

saudade [6]