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Multiple footage + photos


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cafe day

Check out speakers from rental.

Load .wav file on phone. Connect phone and speakers.

min 1: run audio. Train goes over the bridge. Volume down.

min 2-5: read. During the quiet moments.

min 6: train for another 30 sec.

min 7-8: introduction to project.

min 9-15 :


DONE Edit subway sound

Print out:

Schedule/order confirmations.


Confirmed space choice with Nicole. Made promo material for Garage Cafe IG.

IMG 20190214 140202.jpg

"There are a thousand wrinkles in a memory. I cannot forget. Will not, in fact. This is going to be part of my film project surrounding the loss of and longing for home." Jue Yang, one of our presenters, will perform "An Unwillingness to Forget" at Garage Cafe #9.


Went to the gallery and decided on the performing space. It will be in front of Vanessa Safavi's installation, The girl walking on other people's feet (holding substitute).


Talked to Zhibin about filmming. Setup: one camera centered on tripod with mic + one camera on gimbal (move)


without too much movement (for consistent sound)


FB link: https://www.facebook.com/events/513805689109712/


Met Nicole on 10/02 and discussed about the best project/format for the presentation. I proposed a presentation of Fold and of my new project 452 Park Place (working title). I'd never presented Fold in the framework of the performance installation — but it was, after all, a finished piece of work. Nicole found my new project more interesting and perhaps could reap more benefits from the setup of the presentation. I felt the same way.

I have a feeling that talking about this piece of work and performing the first part would be a largely emotional experience. (I would probably feel the same degree of vulnerability as I did during Art Amsterdam). It is a source of discomfort, a space I am unlikely to enter without the construct (of the gallery, performance, art "enthusiasts".)

The decision (from her editorial direction and my own pervious thinking) came to this:

  • forgo the presentation of Fold
  • lead with the performance that evoke of the loss of home
  • tell the audience about the project and its context
  • ask the audience to draw something that reminds them of their home, however they define it

The performance itself:

Read the list of neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY by alphabet. [1]

Next to finish thinking:

  • meet Nicole at 2pm, 13/02 @ Garage (to see the space) -- QUESTION: can you (or should I) make an announcement that my segment will be filmed? And those who do not consent to be in the film will sit in the outer rows?
  • decide on the components of the performance (which space, is there any visual)
  • what is my pitch after the performance? How do I keep a genuine tone while withholding the intimacy?
  • what props do i bring for the drawing exercise?
  • what after?

old idea re: Fold-->

Live feed with camera and projector


  • AC power for camera
  • mini HDMI to HDMI adapter
  • 15m standard HDMI cable