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  • Prep/Scouting
9/28 Talk to Lies. Continue 9/29 at Karel de Stouteplein after 1pm.
9/29 Meet Lies (again) and Gilbert. Agreed on shooting date: Sat, 10/6.
9/30 Email Rob for best practices.
10/1 Meet with Rob. Scheduled test shooting with Rob on Thursday 10/4 (pm, WdKA cafeteria).
10/4 Meet with Rob take 2.


One run:

  • sit-down interview with Gilbert
  • across-the-bar interview with Lies
  • Gilbert in front of the drum set (record playing in the background)

On foot:

  • spontaneous conversations either in the kitchen
  • Lies prepping food
  • band playing on the cafe stage
  • customers

Objects and movements:

  • record player with spinning vinyl
  • sidewalk
  • house plate (window sill)
  • prepping a coffee, serving
  • during performance: audience - coming in, reactions, beer glasses

equipments (from rental)

  • For audio: Zoom H6 with XY and MS mics/Senheisser ew 100 G3 Lavalier/Headset!
  • For video: Tripod Manfrotto 804RC2


Sat 10/6

Place: Koffie & Ambacht

Assistant: Mia Paller


13:00 meet Mia in West
14:00 - 15:00 arrive on site and set up
15:00 scenes: Lies and Gilbert
18:30-20:00 break
20:00-21:30 scenes: band (only Jue on set is okay)
22:00 end of day

Fri 10/12

Due to miscommunication, no interviews were conducted on 10/6. Got some usable footage for concert prep and concert.

Rescheduled interview for 11am on Friday, 10/12. Mia will help again with sound.

Planning notes 10/12

- Use Autofocus first

- Bring 50mm and 85mm lenses

- Redo scenes (see below)

- Look up Johnny Johnny Hello music

Interview questions


Testing out audio/video

  • Can you tell me about your day so far?


  • When did you move here... from where? Why?
  • The first time I came here, you mentioned that you need anger to do this. Why is anger important?
  • Do you think other people are angry?


  • What is your ambacht? Why did you choose it?
  • What is more important? Your workshop or your kitchen?
  • How do you divide or unite the different spaces - cafe, workshop, family? What's the relationship between these spaces?


  • When did you open this place?
  • How did you decide on the name of this place?
  • How did you envision this space? Have you realized your vision(s)?
  • How do you sustain it?
  • How has it changed?
  • What are some of your favorite performances that you hosted



tour of studio

wine rack

apple trees and Lies standing

pictures in the back


mirror frame of bar

Recap 10/12

9:00 pick up equipments at rental + test equipments + print out questions
10:30 meet Mia at Maastunnel
10:50 arrival
11:00 set up shoot
11:20 interview in cafe
12:15 interview in studio
13:30 lunch (spontaneous :)
13:50 more footage (action + outside)
14:30 end of shoot

On site, I interviewed the two sitting side by side, rather than separately as was in the script. I also didn't ask the questions in order. A lot of it is about weighing the situations as they happen, which is a nice challenge. The canon 5D battery lasted for about 3 hours of shooting. We didn't use a clip-on mic and opted for the zoom XY. No extra batteries was used for the mic.

For a small scale project like this, ideally I would work with at least two other people: one for cinematography and one for audio.