Janis Klimanovs Trimester 3 2012

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Janis Klimanovs, Trimester 3 2012



Th Factory project is a business presentation - in the form of a permanent industry fair-style company booth - of a media company that Janis Klimanovs and Javier Lloret invented as an artistic project. We intend to make the presentation as believable as possible.

Here is our advertising text:

“We have introduced a new service that is going to change the way people work, perceive and experience reality”.

There is a high demand of 3D stock visuals in the film industry, in video production and in advertising. Traditional two-dimensional stock photography services limit their market offers to one angle/2D material. Our service offers a new world/revolution of possibilities for the industry.

We offer a stock library of 3D photorealistic visuals of real human beings that our customers can animate in every possible way - any direction, any angle, any physical movement. Our industry customers can browse our online store, purchase and download any of the 3D model stock visuals we offer.

Conversely, we offer anyone the opportunity to have their body digitized for our 3D stock library with our automated, easy-to-use 3D full body scanner booth. Each model/supplier will earn a fixed percentage of the revenue generated with each download and use.

We offer different licensing options to our customers and suppliers. Specific uses (for example, by the medical and the adult industry) can be precluded or require different licensing fees. From the viewpoint of Internet user privacy, this offers significant advantages over current models.

Our system has the potential to create wholly new markets and employment opportunities. We believe that it can make everybody's life better.



Human stock0.jpg
Human stock1.jpg
Human stock2.jpg
Human stock3.jpg



password: humantransmediale


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