Interpretation on Postscript on Societies of Control by Deleuze

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Postscript on Societies of Control by Deleuze

A dissection on “the disciplinary man” by Foucault compared to “the man of control” by Deleuze
The disciplinary man:

He passes from one enclosed environment to another first the family, then the school (when no longer in the family) the barracks (when no longer in school),the factory … and the hospital or prison could occur.
He is a man controlled by time rate.
He always starts from zero.
He has been molded by society.
He has a signature and number, /a watchword/ which has labeled him and his position within the mass.
He relies on numbers or fixed rate.
He operates with a machine that involved energy.

The man on control:

He is the person out of the factory: now engage in “the corporation”.
A person in crisis /family crisis, educational,professional furthermore the crisis of the fall of capitalism and the emergence of creditalism.
He is modulated by the society or continuously changed modulation.
A man of control or being controlled - opposed, divided, examined… being infinitely trained.
He has to display himself and his capacity to re–invent or re–adapt himself to the constantly changing environment.
He is stimulated by financial rewards or discouraged by them.
He is a stockholder – a product of capitalism where the main focus is how to sell and market the product in terms of lowering and transforming it, rather than specializing it.
He relies on floating rates, the exchange on the market, currency changes, stocks’ trade.
He operates with another machine of a third type or the computer.
He is online.
He is man on limitless, continuous control / power, who ceased to be an object of surveillance, being watched, tracked or controlled.
He is regulated by a password – a code, which provides an access to a certain information or rejects or bars it.
“He is no longer individual he became dividual”.
He is no “longer man enclosed he is man in debt”.