Incidences Médiatiques — Martin Foucaut

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Incidences médiatiques

Incidences médiatiques is an online reissue of Raymond Queneau's book called Exercices de Style.
In the original book from 1947, we can read an identical story, written in 99 differents writing styles.
In order to increase this publication towards a more open form of literature, the project is presented
here as its hypertextual version. This first plastic work, wanted to highlight the unpredictable nature
of the devices by which we receive the online content.... They then appear to us in very different forms
and aspects depending on the reading context. Factors such as the type of media used, the size of the screen,
thesize of the digital window, the position of the cursor or our finger on the screen, are then suggesting us
an infinity of possible reading directions of this publication.

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