Immaterial Labour Union

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Immaterial Labour Union
Creator Lídia Pereira
Year 2015
Bio After completion of her bachelor studies in Graphic Design, Lídia Pereira [PT] became intrigued by the friction between digital utopias and material realities. Her current work is concerned with the political organization of labour within digital economy, presenting a focus on the power structures governing online behaviour.

The Immaterial Labor Union was born out of a desire to negotiate terms of service and push for the protection of personal data on a transnational scope, against avid, corporate social networking companies profiting from user-generated content. The Union aims, in the short-term, to readdress abuses concerning the unfair working conditions perpetrated through the processing of our online data, and in a long-term to conceive and shape alternative social networking solutions.

Every two weeks, The Immaterial Labour Union issues a new number of its zine. Each number touches on a different aspect of corporate social media labor, such as terms of service, advertisement, the social graph, tracking cookies, etc. Through satire, poetry, creative experimentation with image and text, academic theory and practical tools for self-empowerment on social networks, the zine intends to be a portal to broader audience engagement, an active campaigning tool to activate participation and conception of alternatives.