I Declare A Thumb War

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I Declare A Thumb War
Creator Ewan Macbeth
Year 2019
Bio Ewan Macbeth is a Scottish artist based right here. His practice focuses on the creation of installations, which utilise film, image, and sound based works to explore the relationship between reality, simulation, empire and propaganda. Originally from a documentary photography background, he now uses speculative fiction to question media narratives and power structures.
Thumb War.jpg
Website https://ewanmacbeth.com/

I Declare a Thumb War is an re-enactment of a found photograph from the beginning of the so-called war on terror era, of a soldier playing a friendly ‘thumb war’ game with a child. The video re-stages this absurd state-sanctioned image, a false utopian ideal and propaganda fantasy, and departs from it by situating it in an alternate uncanny reality.