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Coined by Ted Nelson as part of his imagining of "hypermedia". Traceable to Nelson's self-published works from the 1970s such as Computer Lib / Dream Machines.



1941 Jorge Luis Borges - The Garden of Forking Paths

1945 Vannevar Bush - As we may think

1962 Douglas Engelbart > oN-Line System (NLS)

1965 Ted Nelson > 'hypertext' & 'hypermedia'

1967 Ted Nelson, Andries Van Dam > Hypertext Editing System (HES)

1968 Douglas Engelbart > The Mother of All Demos

1970 ZOG (then KMS)

1978 Aspen Movie Map

1980 Tim Berners-Lee > ENQUIRE

1980 Roberto Busa > Index Thomisticus

1982 Peter J. Brown > Guide