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Among other things, I’ve taken up smoking, @Tent 04.09.2017.

‘’’’’’’’’’Jay Bernard’’’’’’’’ I met up with my father not long ago, 2017

We see for personal texts, in huge format, hanging on a white wall, two by two cross to each other. All of them are related with the same subject as our gender or sex. The background for these specific texts are colorful, but not disturbing us in the reading process. Basically light blue, pink and some harsh green lines and creating abstract figures. The fourth text “I met up with my father not long ago” describes a short story about a recent chest surgery, which isn’t more than an excuse for the father to connect with his child, who is facing with the surgery. Understanding and still understanding. Realizing and still realizing that the person from the text, even if he or she was so far from his or her own father, it’s able to attach again. The father is pointing it out the chest surgery as a mark, which makes his child part of a minority or subculture: “being like people who have extreme piercings or tattoos”. Noticing that the distance between our generation and our parents generation, it’s always - less than more – a fear to be questioned, if we really understand each other or we just accept our parents and our kids, because we can’t do anything else about it?

‘’’’’’’’’’’’Angelica Falkeling’’’’’’’’’’’ No one is masturbating on and off stage, 2016

Angelica as a visual artist, writer usually loves to work with performances, moving images and texts. In this exhibition she represents a short video related with sexualism. On the screen we see three girls, actresses, in three different characters. The short movie repeats a choreography with neutral expressions, but strong, suggestive moves. Angelica hided the expected sexual attraction in small, saddle details within the choreography. Our society it’s highly brainwashed by typical and stereotyp male and female statuses and attitudes. With this work she tries to go against this systematical view, which isn’t over chewed in the mouth of the actual audience.