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Moravec= consciousness is a pattern of information, it can run in other platforms also exept biological. Hayles disagrees, if we could upload , we wont have the same kind of conciousness.

Virtuality has changed expreience and embodiment for many people how this changes the human condition. Nevertheless embodied presence remains a primary aspecdt of human life.

Wikipedia .If in doubt, the main reference citation point is the printed world. Globalisation of publishing has to be seen in the context of the large publishers . Self publishing , webpublishing

Summa Technologiae, Stanisław Lem, predicted informational explosion, everyone is an information scientist, we exhausted our resurces, solution was to automate congition. Information farm. translated latetely in eng. (+ Tarkovsky solaris)

Cognition: located in a system as a whole,differs from thinking (thinking- concept, symbolic, language//cognition- ability to model complex systems Modeling conciousness: at least 2 levels (Antonio Damazio). a level= core conciousness, maybe not only in humans, conceptualise self, conceptualise self in relation with objects, like the animal recognizes the enemy etc. Core is a weapon in cogn. core race. B level= depends and build on core, higher level. Ability to locate the self in a context, to reflekt on the self, to create symbols languages etc. iF not unique, much more developed in humans

Cost of conciouness: increased awareness of limiations, energetically expensive as its based on biological sources, slow relatively to perception- MISSING HALF SECOND, bias of it contra selfhood and individuality>>Consciousness as currently designed, constrants the world of imagination to be first and formost for an individual. we have a very strong bias to place ourself in the center of the action.

Metabody with J.de VAl distributed cognition transhumanism, self preservation

J.de VAl Self as problematic, part of imperialistic tradition and historical continuity.New paradigm of control , surveillance tekniques= example of the cognitive nonconcious harvest patterns

Shanon defining information as disembodied pattern

Missing half second= how media of 21century can use it If conciousness is belated is possible we have media that target to the subconcious. The space and time of half second exploited by capitalism.