Graduation Show 2004

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In September 2002 the Piet Zwart Institute launched a two-year full-time Master of Arts course in Media Design. This course encourages an engaged, technically, socially and culturally adept and experimental approach to digital media. In June 2004, the first year of students are graduating. We are proud and excited to present their final show.

Friday 18th June 19.00
Saturday 19th June, 11.00-18.00
Sunday 20th June, 11.00-18.00
Overblaak 85, Rotterdam

Wijbrand Stet: PlayMobile
an urban game using Bluetooth and an SMS server to reinvent hide-and-seek

Nick Koning: Space Time
an idiosyncratic personal memory device and database making an inventive use of mobile phones>br />

Todd Matsumoto: Media Bomb
a research project tracking the explosion of news stories through multiple media

Victoria Donkersloot: Moneyless
a game involving questions of the ethics and technology of money or moneylessness in daily life

Ana Gabriela Jimenez: City On Demand
a new form of travel provider, an instant shot of multi-urban dreams is only a phone call away

Maria Claudia de Azevedo Borges: CyberLace
a sprawling inspiring database linking womens’ work with technology and the network-design of lace

Further information
General information: Leslie Robbins / l.j.drost-robbins at
Course Director: Matthew Fuller / fuller at