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Dust noise and Trace

As the development of my dust project, my growing interest towards time, being and reality leading me to a possible project. My graduation work will mainly focus on abstraction video and sound, using both digital and analogue media. By comparing these two media, searching for new possibilities of expression and researching how micro-perceptions and fragmented memories, construct individual reality.

My fascination towards film media is especially in the contact print technique. Mainly because: for me, the outcome of the final image of a contact print is the result of a trance. After physical touch and the lighting process a trace is left behind by small material. I like this poetic and intimate way of producing images.

Collecting dust is anther way of collecting my trance in a material sense. My act on pulling transparent scotch tape and making strips and marks on it. I consider not only the trace i made on the tape as visual element for my film also the scotch tape itself function as sound instrument. the process and materials, tools i use to produce my work become part of my work. I consider dust and trace as a evidence of exist. when the object or figure is absent.

Link to my interpretation toward dust and noise from Trimester 2:

Self-directed research essay

CollectDust1.png 4.7dust2.jpg Sssscan4.10.jpg

The project will build on projects of mine that are in progress and projects I completed last year:

Milkshake Machine

MonologThumb.png DustNarrativeThumb.png DustSynthesizerThumb.png DustPOETRY1.0Thumb.png DustPoetry2.0Thumb.png


1.Dust Cinema:

Towards my fascination of small physical material: dust and small trace. I start to collect dust and trace on transparent sticky tape. Using the images of dust and trace to produce abstraction animated audiovisual work. Later on, in my work <Dust synthesizer>; I use already made dust video feed to the screen and trigger analog synthesizer device to generate sound. After that I am more aware of the connection between images and device (Screen and audio device).

Since collecting dust is my own fascination toward the abandoned disconnect spreading meaningless nature of dust. Put this meaningless abandoned material into digital device. Deconstruct a screen and filling with dust. Use the dust to deconstruct digital image or more romantically: attempting to bury it. in this work, i try to built a cinema set small device which use hacked LCD screen, Overhead projector, analog synthesizer to built my own dust cinema set. which will display my abstract work with both digital moving images and vibrating physical dust material.

details: here. Dust cinema ,sketch and experiment steps

Relation to previous practice

Look back to my path: before PZI all my work is concentrate on my inner world. I create works with my intuition, following with asking myself why and where I have this emotion and experience. After several years, I start to notice my own experience and emotion connected to and influenced by out side world… At the beginning I experience crisis when I face it. I scared all my inspiration will be distorted by my surroundings and inputs from other institution. I believe pureness, honest and isolation is the vital elements of produces artworks. However, I start to suffer from my old methodology. I realise I should find a way to built a bridge between my inner world and outside world. Instead refused the world… that is how my bachelor graduation work <regeneration> comes from…. Viewers walk through the tunnel of installation while they getting close to my image it scattered and regenerate. Now, I am more interested in how to communication to outside world.

Almost all my work start with grabbing an emotional moment or fragmented thoughts, memories, which important to me; or sometimes, I use piece of me (my personalities; my behaviours...) then, process it and interpret it in my work. I frequently ask myself why and where those feelings and emotions comes from? And will try to answer this question in bigger context in order to investigate the relation between my personal experience and media theory, group conciseness or phenomenon stand behind it.

After I arrived pzi, I want to keep my work further away from myself. Instead of using my own image and tell my story directly. During the first trimester, I try some new way of producing work. I Capture some moments from my life and embedded to my work. This methodology more or less like force injection. I extract my feelings from my body and find a media object or technique then force injected my emotions or concept into it. Eventually, the work itself doesn’t not communicate as I expected.

However T2, I found my obsession towards noise and dust. And it start to formulate my way of working and methodology. First, i work with the dust material and made a series of abstract animated dust video work with my own composition of soundtrack. i into the visual out come of the dust video series, even without unpack to the audience the origin of the dust material or any of my working process. at that moment, i want to use the sound and ambiguous images to lead audience into a mood, also leave more space for viewers to imagine and interpreted. instead fully understand what it is. later on, i try to put my animated dust video into device and try to understand how we look at images through physical digital device. this is also related to the <dust synthesiser> and <monolog machine> i built trimester 2 and trimester 3.

i am curious to see how dust video present itself in a digital display set. how analog meet digital media. when they are all cracked and functioning to support each other also try to deconstruct and over layering on top of each other.

Practical steps

Observe the dust trace around me, write and draw story board and directional script. decide the visual contact display on my installation. at the same time continue with my abstract film.

1.dust cinema set, keep working on the LCD screen, self generated dust cinema. working on the image and hard ware at the same time.

2. continue with dust project(focus on unfold it) reveal the material. physical materials/ plants decaying inside the film stock. document the process. ... ...just show more of the process of making and collecting the dust.. show raw material as sculpture

more images of working process.

pics for working process


books & article


The Hidden Sense Synesthesia in Art and Science

New Materialism as Media Theory: Media natures and Dirty Matter

Visual Music by Maura McDonnell, 2007

Cracked Media


Playing with Words The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice

expended cinema

Immersion Into Noise

Playing with Words The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice


expended cinema

a voice and nothing more

De Luce /Robert Grosseteste on light or the beginning of forms

more Reference

key words

1,fragment, ambiguous

2,abandon, speared.

3, illusion delusion mediated reality…memories

4, perception sensation.

5, deconstruct and recompose.