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It was very essential to me the support for each-other skill-wise and socially by keeping an eye on on another, caring for one another. On that aspect I think we very successfully bound as a group and know each and everyone better, have build trust and comfort. Which helped us being sharper and blunter with everyone towards the end of the project. Sharing technical skills, the support system that was going on during the elaboration of the SI16 was very generous, even if we were under significant time-pressure. The process of ideas through discussions & brainstorming along the way was really nice, even though sometimes to polite and latent. I love that we were ambitious about this project and willing to have fun with it until the end even if confused and overwhelmed. But it also made it very challenging to come to terms with the launch.

My biggest issue with this whole journey had to do with unreliable deadlines and over-processing of content. I believe that sometimes it is good to stick to certain timelines and maybe scale things to the time and skills that are present instead of trying to stretch time to the size of the ambitions of the project. Working with fluctuating deadlines does not work for me, it creates frustrations and anxiety. If a time and date are set, I like them to be held and not pushed on short notice repetitively, whatever the situation at that point might be. The uneven share of work was also I found a pity, to work on something that cannot be carried by the whole group is a shame. We should be more aware of how to plan in ways where work can be evenly experienced/carried/executed from a learning stance as well as a teaching/experienced one. Communication (yes, even though we had a lot of talks haha) was sometimes lacking or unclear, creating unnecessary labour, latencies or delays. We might still have issues with how to share tasks and stick to the distribution we make, as to not go over others' work again and not be lost as to what your busy with. All the above mentioned are what I hope we manage to improve for the SI17.

The first weeks of introduction were very stimulating (yet confusing) and I loved when everyone started to bring their own references to class, it created a very stimulating environment where you could see everyone's excitement boil in the same pot. I had a very fun time doing the generated cocktails at the launch.

The big group is challenging as to hear everyone's voice. I believe that now that we know each other better we manage to work/brainstorm altogether without tiptoeing around ideas/conflicts/decisions, let's be bold and still care for all in their creative process. Working in the sub-group with Cha was amazing, even though the inter-city collaboration can be challenging, can't wait to go deeper and deeper in the etc-space... What was the most challenging thing while working in the big group; and in the sub-groups?

I got so exited to learn about Python with Manetta&Michael and the first practical classes were very stimulating to me, even though it felt like not enough time to assimilate everything. I'm afraid I forgot a lot by lack of practice. I hope I can make some time to catch up and get deeper in it.

The Special Issue classes were very generous, I especially liked when everyone was feeding the group different inputs, may they be outside reference or on-the-day experiments thoughts, misunderstandings.

Towards the end the Special Issue was very straining and unenjoyable, which I hope will not be the case for the next Issue. We were overworked and it was hard to enjoy the generous project we ambitioned to execute.

Otherwise, the group is great, can't wait to share more struggles and successes/small miracles with everyone!