General Description of Final Projects

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The last two trimesters of the course are reserved for individual research and production of your final project.

Work on the final project however begins at the very beginning of the second year. Throughout the first trimester of this year, you are required to develop a work plan which establishes the theoretical, practical and technical grounds of your work towards the summation of the programme.

Final projects offer a concentrated period of time to process the insights and experiences gained throughout the first four trimesters and to translate their implications into your own work and working methods. In this process, you are expected to be able to not only produce new work, but also to develop a strong sense of the criteria that are crucial for the evaluation and development of your work.

Accompanying final projects all students write an essay or 'project report' developing ideas related to or directly arising from the project. This essay is of the length of circa 8,000 words.

The final project has a sustained procedure of assessment associated with it. This procedure also provides structured feedback and dialogue about the work. Final projects are also substantially sustained and supported by individual tutorials and group critiques. It is important that you arrange these and plan carefully to benefit from them.