Garvan selfportrait

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Selfportrait by Garvan


This is a drawing Garvan made. The hummingbird is about himself being energetic and busy, always finding angles to do different things and engage with unknown waters. Although this brings good and exciting things, sometimes he gets exhausted and loses his focus. Focus and clarity is something he longs for, and it is something he hopes to find during the upcoming years.

  • My name is Garvan
  • I'm excited by second hand shops/Kringloops. I get excited about doing stuff, working towards an exhibition or an event.
  • Something I'm scared of is being annoying
  • When in a group, I need/value structure and cohesion
  • To ensure my needs are met, I will try to communicate with others...
  • I would find it helpful if others in the group would be willing to be patient with me...