GRS : Session 2

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What? a short experimental abstract film, preferably mid length (20 mins but i’m not sure if i can do it ). A visualized version of my feelings in certain times that I felt I'm missing a part of me. To answer the question What would happen if we miss something in our identity? Showing something that is not there by visualizing silence, missing, empty in different things. The object,surface,anything that is missing a part would be me, and the missing part would be representation of the parts in my identity that are missing.

How? (two sentences) Deep dive into all of the moments I felt I am missing something and think about how or what I want to show from that. Basically I wanna show my feelings through film. such as a film timeline or taking out chunks from a 3D object. Visualize me an object and take out things from it. Money ( i felt like i am in a bondage and i can’t move that much - i was alive and breathing but no one could see the strings around me) Getting censored ( hiding behind a big umbrella) Music Camping Insecurities Overthinking Poetry ( feeling an empty rectangle in right side of my body ) Sports (badminton - bouldering ) Skydiving Cartoons Social media Physical contact Cooking Little things Being from iran ( feeling to much - feeling a lot of side eyes on me) Work with avid to create 3D objects and avoid the filming because of the limitations?! limitations : No daylight to shoot one person filming and editing and recording and writing the script Writing a script for a story Go through all of my twitter bookmarks and read watch and listen to all of them. Read anything that is related to identity. Capture all of these and put them together on one surface like the piece from joanna-dead,over and over. Get inspired a lot by sunday nobody. Read about people who don have an identity for example.

Workflow (two or three sentences) Splitting the project into two stages. The first stage is reading/writing the script and making it very clear what I wanna make. Make everything as clear as possible. Write down the shots or feelings or anything involved in the project. the second stage is to start shooting and editing at the same time and getting feedback on the project.

Timetable (Sept 23-July 24) Sep - dec : done with the project’s script and idea, make prototypes, present the project proposal in december. December - july : shooting and editing.

Relation to previous practice All I have done till now was related to identity .Identity itself is the body of my practice and I am going into different paths to show any feeling related to identity. I wanna answer the question What is it about identity that i am so obsessed with it? To show my feelings towards it. I come back to it because i want to feel like a person and not lose myself. Have something that represents me.

Relation to a larger context

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Choices made (two sentences) Making everything simple like one element in the picture Working more digitally and not filming Sound design, using very complex sound design for a very simple visual.

References : Joanna - dead, over & over Sunday nobody All you see - niki padidar