GRS : Session 1

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What? (two sentences) What would happen if we miss something in our identity? Creating a short experimental documentary or fiction preferably mid length (20 to 40 mins but i’m not sure if i can do it ) or a photo series about how our identity changes or how we deal with the environment around us when we miss something in our identity? What make us feel like a whole?, or an individual with self-esteem.

For example : What if we miss details that define our identity? What would a person feel if someone asks them what kind of music they listen to and they don't know that? They haven’t discovered this part of their identity yet. What if someone can’t define their identity and how would they feel in a society that tells everyone they are unique and they should be themselves? Who are they? What do they like? What kind of coffee do they like? Do they even care about their coffee? Or the place they get their coffee from? For me it’s a part of my identity if I always get my coffee from a certain place. It defines my identity. Or hair can be a part of someone’s identity. What if something happens to their hair that takes time to repair and they don't have that for a certain time? What would they feel? Scared? Insecure? or What if we do not have money? Yeah people work and try to manage their life but someone that is short on money, how would their identity change? How would they interact with people? Would they go out? Would they still stay positive (if they are)? How would they feel when they are walking in the street? Are they asking this question of themselves: how would these people in the street treat me if they knew? Would this individual ask himself what was i like when i wasn’t short on money? Or Being from a certain place made me feel like I am missing a very big part of being developed as a person in society or made me feel lost cause I wanted to prove I am more than that. But what is more than that? How do you define it? What was the problem in the first place? How would that make people feel if they feel like they are not developed enough? or For example for gen z’s internet is a part of their identity and what if they could not express themselves in digital world? Deep dive into all of the moments I felt I am missing something and think about how or what I want to show from that. Basically I wanna show my feelings through film. (this is more of a what) Or Like knowing poetry for someone that is into poetry and they don know any poets in their second language to refere to. To express themselves in poetry or say a romantic thing to their significant other? You won’t know a big part of someone that is into poetry and they can not express themselves in their second language. What would that look like? Or Someone with general knowledge about mortal kombat. What a person with general knowledge about history of mortal kombat look like? Would they look more interesting to you? Or Take nude self-portraits after each feeld dates. What i look like? Express my emotions in those pictures. What would you want to know about that person in the picture? Who is she? Or is she just a body to you? Is that just another nude self-portrait?

How? (two sentences) Making something visually very simple but with complicated editing techniques implemented. Work with avid to create 3D objects and avoid the filming because of the limitations?! Taking nude self portraits cause it’s accesible? Working with limitations and not going beyond them. For example my limitations are that i’m not gonna have daylight to shoot, i’m gonna be the only person filming and editing and recording and writing the script and i need to work with what i can offer as just one person. Writing a script for a story. Go through all of my twitter bookmarks and read watch and listen to all of them. Read anything that is related to identity. How other people approached it? I don wanna involve other people cause that would be time consuming and a lot of research so i;m just gonna focus on myself and feeling and the things i felt. I’m a very visual person and i was thinking to just captures the things i felt visually like a solid colors. For example when i thought i was hiding behind a very big black umbrella in my life. Just capture a dot behind a big black surface. Capture all of these and put them together on one surface like the piece from joanna-dead,over and over. Get inspired a lot by sunday nobody.

Workflow (two or three sentences) Splitting the project into two stages. The first stage is reading/writing the script and making it very clear what I wanna make because otherwise I won't know what I wanna make. Make everything as clear as possible following the shots or feelings or anything involved in the project. And the second stage is to start shooting and editing at the same time and getting feedback on the project.

Timetable (Sept 23-July 24) done with the project’s script and idea till december and present the project proposal. Start shooting and editing till the graduation.

Relation to previous practice (two sentences, draw on Text on Practice) and why ? All I have done till now was related to identity and I am kinda happy that I was all over the place touching on different ways that I could express this idea last year. Identity itself is the body of my practice and I am going into different paths to show any feeling related to identity. but now i just wanna put my focus on one thing and one thing only because i tend to lose interest in my projects when they are not clear to me. Another reason I wanna make it official in writing with this project is so I know exactly what I have to do for the project to be done. The relation to my past project is that it comes down to body itself all the time. Even with the film i made for the eye. I wanted people to see the suppression we are under but i forgot the main reason which i was remembered by an interview recently from gol farahani. The reason is the woman’s body. Very simple very dark. I was searching for my identity and i am searching for it, i am looking to see what kinda person i would be if i lose something in my identity. What is it about it that i am so obsessed with it? Why do i wanna lose it? Why do i wanna see who i am? Because my body was always in hiding? Then why did i stop making self portraits as soon as i came into the programm? Why do i thinking about doing it again? Or do i even think about dooing it again?

Relation to a larger context I don know how it relates to a larger context, because at the same time i don wanna be a part of any community that fights for women’s rights or feminism or anything because i feel like will lose the personal aspect of it and this is just something to answer for myself. To show other people how i think or how i feel. The film now you see by that iranian artist inspired me. idfa

Who can help me? No one actually because i get confused and i loose myself in other people’s opinions and i need to figure this out on my own. What do i wanna make? I don even know the format i wanna work with. The medium.

Choices made (two sentences) Making everything simple like having a solid background and one element in the picture that the story happens to have. Working more digitally and not filming because again, of the limitations like having promaximetly 10 shots in my film. Sound design, using very complex sound design for a very simple visual. Using a physical object for research ( I saw an artist make a documentary starting with seeing a picture and I think having something physical can really help me with creating a clear path for myself. Using abstract methods or themes? A documentary film Having a voiceover? Focusing on color grading? showing the emotions /feelings Creating the feelings i felt with camera angel or music or i don know, a way to pass on the feeling to the audience.

feedback; It can be a one-shot A lot of people are going through this, how can you relate to your audience? Identity is very broad as a topic, it would be helpful to narrow it down unidentifiable objects (a bracelet, a type of coffee) can be an identification for you (cultural identity) what object would represent that lack in my cultural identity