Free WiFi

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Free WiFi
Creator ehCaetano
Year 2015
Bio ehCaetano plays Sci-Fi drone in a band called Mountain Dew. He also engages in experiments and empirical researches within the frameworks of art and design.

He is interested in examining the different forms of presence in our current cybernetic society through the automation and mediation of information. Using performance, sound and electricity, he creates systems that play with the viewer's cognitive relation with the space.

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Free Wi-Fi is a non-linear audio visual installation manifested in the screens and speakers of visitors' devices. With a collage of found footage and text, it reenacts a series of contemporary events turning them into Simulacra that creates a dystopian fiction-reality. The installation stages a theater of power and control, playing with how the consumption of overly mediated images of events has its meaning recuperated by commercial technological platforms.