Framed Memory

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Framed Memory
Creator Loes van Dorp,
Year 2012

In my work I have been playfully experimenting with space and time; how to show different times and different worlds in one single image?

My graduation project demonstrates how memory is something we always carry with us, and how a space can reveal these memories. In this work I combine drawings, animation and film in order to examine the unreliable nature of our memories.

This short film ' Framed Memory' visualizes how a woman deals with old memories, upon returning to her childhood house after the death of her father. While she is cleaning the house, we see she is confronted with negative memories.

At first she is unaware of them; later she attemps to rid herself of them by walking away; eventually she can no longer avoid the confrontation, which results i a destructive panic attack.

After a moment of contemplation, she is confronted with a new memory. She tries to fight it, before finally deiding to allow herself to confront this memory. This time, she finds a pleasant memory which she can keep.