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look back to my path: before PZI all my work is concentrate on my inner world. how to transfer imply

there are no much research behind it. i create works with my intuition, following with asking myself why and where i have this emotion and experience. after several years, i start to del my own experience and emotion have huge connection and influenced by out side world…

at the beginning i experience crisis when i face it. i scared all my inspiration will be distorted by my surroundings . pureness and isolation is the right way to produce work..

i suffered from my old methodology , i relies i should inspired and find a way to built a bridge between my inner world and outside world . instead refused the world… that is how my bachelor graduation work come from… regeneration.. viewer walk through the tunnel of installation while they getting close to my image.. it scattered and regenerate.

now i am more interested in how to communication to outside world

struggle and confusion: 1,should i tell my own story or interoperate others story? 2,narrative or abstraction?

3,how to express myself through abstraction image..(using sound to construct the narrative?)

current interest. and inspiration/

1,my experience of underground tunnel in vienna. darkness and light and mediate

when we under a condition without seeing anything…our brain no use to it. you will away see images. ambiguous. imaginative shapes… i wonder where are those images come from/

2about sound 万物(象)发声。万象 万物means every matters(physical material) in this universe. 万象means optical illusion. everything we see is light and image, subjetive illusion.

about objective and subjective. the world for me never be 1oo% objective, everyone see thing differently remember thins differently.

everything is image is optical illusion is subjective. changes depends on your mood and knowledge.

key words

 1,fragment, ambiguous
 2,perception sensation.
 3,lose sense of reality, overload,illusion delusion mediated reality…memories
 4,in between(identify physical location)
 5, langue meaning words playing speaking langue as a musical instrument.

my experiment of force to communicate in different langue(in the concision of don't understand each other ) for half an hour. the content and communication sometime fit sometimes totally different. what if own left with physical gesture and face expression. what we can read or understand out of it? what if the meaning of a peaking langue was taken away? we are so rely on the visual and langue. that's the main ability we have to perceive the world. if we under a condition that no long could rely those sense. then what will happened? the world will be different?

about imaginative reality,,

one of my favourite writer Shen Congwen, his fiction story about his hometown fenghuang county.. while he write the book, he is living in beijing. all the characters stories was built upon his memory.. when he went back to his hometown once. he relies the town is totally different than the town in his memory.

questions: how our memory filter reality.. how to create a new world basic on the real. this could link back to facing mediated reality today.

(i been away from my home country for one year. in nether land i consider myself as a stranger outsider observer. my home and root is somewhere else..however when being away for real long time. all the people i use to know is changing in real world. however in my brain they frozen as the moment i left.. i imagine if i go back to china to my city to my family to my friend. i will have huge impact to sense the different, may be to them i am a stranger too. i am afraid eventually i will end up nowhere, belongs to nowhere, i believe that's a result of living in between/)

media i will choice image and sound.(film media?) light and shadow small physical material(dust?) visual dairy(book of documentation of transfer physical material and image into sound and the story of the material and image)

date 9.24 there are two ways of methodologies of producing work.

one is start from my intuitive image making process, following by why i like to produce this kinds of image.

anther is start from conceptual idea. followed by why i have this feeling or why this topic is important for me? how i can interpret this conceptual idea into a project?

of course this two kind of approach could integrated into each other.

my current plan is to start from both side and develop series works and prototypes. and let they develop, see what will happens. steps of my practise:(things i want to do before i made my finnal decision for my graduation project)

一, i want to document the sonification process of small physical materials. preferably, half transparent small. complex texture. and where it come from. the story behind it.. to see how it develop from small to larger scale and back to the original intention of my experiment....

books of sound image and text. chinese and english version.. may be these series of experiment will fit together for one show,,as a show room or installation.

二, experiment of speaking langue:

sound overlapping,,,communication given to a place that each individual not able to understand each other.. however force to keep up with this non-communicative communication.. see what happens when a langue turned into a vocal rhythm and musical structure, could be video performance, online interactive audiovisual piece..

三, keep going with the half finished project.. the tap texture..bubble....dust consider tap is my instrument...material is my instrument as a tool also as musical instrument... including to my hand book. afterwards developed as a series of audiovisual performance..


film,,, a story of perception..mix reality..around 20 mins. follow by the sound and vocal monolog.

abandon place. you are not here but your sound are.. stories are... but you are not... where are you? where is my position.. mix reality...

五, visual music format,

sound vibration of small particle and reflect on film media.. using contact print technique. visualised the sound. and the sound content the story. (also could fit into 四)

六 using digital projector to project image on the surface of water with dust mixed inside using vibration of speak to shoot blurry image with vibrated dust at the same time.. visualised the sound combined with the image..

1800 5890 miles


time faster faster let me running to find the coordinate

Horizontal axis will be my shelter vertical axis will be my words together built the dimension of my homeland no one could invade.



Black Sun

Synchromy/ Norman McLaren, 1971, 7 min 27 s


Takahiko iimura/Talking Picture(The Structure of Film Viewing)

books & article

De Luce /Robert Grosseteste on light or the beginning of forms

the origin of the term visual music

darwin among the machines

道德经 无 道与form,

Joost Rekveld review on film ‘Wu Ming’ by James Whitney

Cracked Media

Immersion Into Noise

Playing with Words The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice

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expended cinema

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Diary: A Stream of Consciousness that Blends Realities