Floppies write

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With a floppy reader/writer connected to your machine, and as root user

Insert the floppy to be written in the reader/writer

And loop for its device file with lsblk or fdisk -l. In my case the floppy device-file is located in /dev/sdb.

Clone the TGC#3 git repo and change directory to the floppies/ dir, where each project dir is located:

git clone https://git.xpub.nl/repos/tgc3.git
cd tgc3/floppies/ 

Go through each of the following steps, for each floppy:

mount /dev/sdb /media/usb0/
ls /media/usb0/
rm /media/usb0/* -rv
cp giulia/* /media/usb0/ -rv
umount /media/usb0/