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Flat is a "generative infrastructure for Python".

Flat is a library for creating and manipulating digital forms of fine arts. Its aim is to enable experimentation with and testing of unpredictable or automated processes, to inspect the beginning of the "new".

It grew out of the needs for generative design, architecture and art. The concept of "design" is more of a subject of study yet to be delved into, hence the fitter term for subtitle is "infrastructure".

It is written in pure Python and distributed under a liberal license.

$ pip3 install flat

Flat comes from a context of art/architecture/generative design, written in python, good color support (rgb/cmyk/grayscale/overprint), supports flexible text flows, examples in documentation, comes with a second tool to make it easier to use called even, Juraj Sukop is the main developer, is from Slovakia, but only the one main developer, but has a monoskop page, and there is an email address on the web page, last commit 4 years ago (2020)..., no dependencies though!

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